Growcer Adds Dominance to your Grocery Business with a Buyer Mobile App

As online businesses take lead amidst tough times, their responsibilities also soar. With people yet not confident to go, this is the best time to build trust and raise the bar. With scales tipping towards growth in the online grocery market, Growcer introduces its readymade buyer mobile apps with comprehensive features for better control and easy online grocery shopping:

1. Buyer registration

(Login with email; phone number; social media accounts; Guest User Checkout) Buyer registration__1 The application, exclusively for the buyers registered on the Growcer powered marketplaces, will provide them with pliable options to bridge gaps between virtual and real stores. Allowing them to register via email or social media accounts, the mobile app adds a millennial touch.  In case the buyers do not have an email id, they can still operate the app as guest users. Growcer allows buyers to settle multiple orders as a guest user, without missing the contentment provided.  A readymade ecommerce buyer app will give a whole new dimension to the marketplace business.

2. Buyer-seller proximity

(Add location manually or auto-detect; Nearby Shops) Buyer-seller proximity_2 Being a hyper-local solution, the buyer’s location can be automatically picked up by the mobile GPS, or can be entered manually too. The buyer can now see on their application home, nearby shops, their banner listings, and list of products, within the radius specified by the admin. This list includes shops with even one product active, allowing a fair choice to the buyer for a particular category.

3. Flexibility at hand

Flexibility at hand_3 Understanding buyer behavior, the app makes them feel as close as possible to being out at the grocery store. Including functionalities to:
  •  View products along with their specifications, 
  • Add items from different stores to a common cart – multi-cart system, 
  • Make multiple selections part of a single entry, 
  • Edit selections before final payment, 
  •  Choose a payment option, and even schedule the delivery as per convenience
This Growcer app facilitates the buyer with a platter of choices while shopping. Allowing fluidity to select items from the stores offering best deals and listing similar items, the buyer feels independent and gains confidence on the platform.

4. Product search

Product search_4 While the shops are filtered automatically as per the location detected, products can also be searched as per keywords, categories, shops, and product details by the buyer.  Thoughtfully added multi-select option allows simultaneously selecting and adding many items to the cart, saving the need to go back on the same page for different items later.

5. Shopping cart features

(Multi-cart; Single Item or Complete order Cancellation; Reordering) Shopping cart features__5 The multi-vendor grocery app provides buyers with personal shopping carts. The ease of adding and removing items to it, applying coupon codes, emptying the entire cart, canceling the full or sub-cart, can all be done sitting anywhere from mobiles. The multi-cart feature allows easy check out with a single bill process. With a discretion to cancel the entire or sub-orders, the buyer also has the feasibility to reorder items from the cart list. Saving the buyer’s time whenever they visit the app subsequently. Explore the multifaceted of Growcer Buyer Apps: Android and iOS

6. Comprehensive order management

(Click & Collect; Cancellation & Refund; Multi-currency; RTL too; Wallet management; Order Substitution) Comprehensive Order Management_6 Growcer adds extensively researched features to its buyer app, making ordering and delivery as smooth as cream on a cake. Even when the order is complete with items placed inside the cart, the buyer still has the option to substitute any one of the items with a different brand from the same category. A unique feature enhancing the buyer experience with a close to on-location shopping. Payments made trouble-free and secure. Multiple options to choose from as per convenience. Various wallets, COD (cash on delivery), and net banking options give the buyer a comfortable feeling of placing an order without any hiccups. The multi-currency feature, with all currencies, even RTL ones, adds to the universal acceptance of the app. Giving the buyers a homely and local feel, this feature is amongst the star picks for an online grocery marketplace. Many times there might be a need to cancel the order, due to some issues in payment options with particular vendors, or delivery limitations to certain areas. In such situations, the buyer is provisioned to cancel the order and request a refund. This is made feasible with just a single click in the app, giving an edge to the buyers’ preferences.

7. Deliveries are more visible

Deliveries are more visible_7 Once the order is placed, the shopper’s concern shifts to delivery. The Growcer buyer app allows a choice from a list of delivery options availing free-shipping offers. There is a delivery scheduler to set a delivery time as per buyer availability at the address of choice.  A self pick-up option (click-and-collect), where buyers can collect their parcels themselves is now possible, keeping in mind the concerns regarding safety during COVID-19 spread. Buyers can even track their orders on the apps with ETAs, and push notifications on the buyer’s mobile home screen keeps them informed on the location of their orders. Suggestions and grievances with the marketplace admins are made possible through a chat option available. This adds to their confidence in the online shopping process, removing all barricades that might pose uncertainty. 


With every release, Growcer adds details and attributes that enhance user experiences. The buyer app is another such facet to the product research. Apart from multi vendor readymade buyer apps, Growcer is already equipped with delivery staff (Android and iOS) apps that many grocery delivery businesses across the world are using.

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