Five Reasons Why Growcer Is The Best Platform For Grocery Retailers And Online Grocery Business


Although a small part of the overall grocery market, online grocery sales in the US, is estimated to reach $59.5 billion by 2023, this estimation is more than double the sales for online grocery in 2019.

Online Grocery Shopping Sales in US from 2019 to 2023

While consumers enjoy the convenience of online grocery service, it has quickly become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry. From giants like AmazonFresh to innovative businesses like InstaCart, more and more firms are trying to establish their footings in the e-grocery industry.

As the COVID-19 pandemic shuts businesses worldwide urging people to stay at home, online grocery shopping has seen a sharp peak evident from the record Walmart grocery app downloads. To survive the pandemic, almost every grocery retailer or entrepreneur is looking for a reliable platform to kick-start their business online. In such a scenario, Growcer platform will help.

Growcer – Multi-vendor eCommerce Grocery Platform

Growcer is a unique platform that allows entrepreneurs, SMBs, and large enterprises to launch their online multi-vendor grocery business with ease. It is loaded with essential and latest features to set up your grocery shopping website at a reasonable price. Plus, it is fully customizable as per clients’ requirements.

Take advantage of Growcer’s effortless storefront administration, market-oriented features, and ready-made grocery app for seamless delivery to buyers.

Reasons to Choose Growcer Multi-vendor Platform

Growcer is a dedicated, ready-to-launch grocery business software with built-in features to grow your marketplace. It delivers retailers a platform to kick-start their online grocery business with ease. To illustrate this point, below, I’ve highlighted key reasons to choose Growcer.

Ready-made Solution

As grocery retailers look for immediate solutions to survive the crisis, Growcer provides a ready-to-launch grocery marketplace platform to start or shift their business online with ease. Growcer can be used to set up your personalized grocery business within no time. Plus, we offer ready-made buyer mobile apps for android and iOS platforms.

The ready-made solutions are incorporated to save time while delivering an excellent platform for businesses to sell groceries online. Shopify, for instance, doesn’t provide such flexible solutions, and it falls upon the business owner to configure everything out.

Designed and Developed by FATbit

A reliable team at FATbit Technologies developed Growcer. The team has successfully delivered many products for several industries with numerous happy clients. We offer transparent solutions to businesses while exercising agile methodologies. Engineering digital solutions and services globally since 2004, our team delivers outcomes that are market-ready.

Trusted by many, Growcer is indeed a dependable software from a reliable firm FATbit. FinancesOnline awarded it a score of 8.9 and 82% by CompareCamp – two of the most prestigious reviewing websites online.

Built-in Features

Growcer has several in-built features and integrations that make it a unique and ready-to-launch platform. These include:

Multilingual Functionality – More than half of all Google searches are in languages other than English. As the vast majority of buyers only understand their regional language, it is ideal for a grocery website to support multi-linguistic functionality. This feature allows businesses to stay ahead of their competitors and expand their online stores over different regions. By integrating MSN Language API, Growcer efficiently supports over 60 regional languages resulting in a diverse user base.

Multi-currency Functionality – As the majority of buyers tend to purchase online in their local currency, so multi-currency functionality becomes crucial for a grocery platform. It allows the user to change currency with just one-click while grocery shopping, just like multi-linguistic, multi-currency feature also aids businesses to expand to other regions.

Multiple Payment Options – The most significant factor for online grocery shopping is the ease and convenience of paying online. WIth Growcer platform, we provide various payment options such as Cash-on-Delivery (COD), bank transfers, or even integrations like PayPal. Users can easily switch to their preferred payment method for secure online transactions.

Delivery Scheduler – An effective delivery management system in Growcer that allows customers to schedule their grocery delivery. With the delivery scheduler feature, buyers can select a preferred date and time he/she wants the groceries to be delivered. It is a must-have option for every online grocery marketplace to retain their customers.

Review and Rating System – To ensure transparency and gain customers’ trust, a robust review and rating system is a must for an online grocery marketplace. And Growcer has implemented just that. Its effective review and rating system offers in-depth insights into the customer experience redefining online shopping. Plus, it helps in establishing a better connection with buyers.

Self-Pickup or Click-and-Collect – Also termed as Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), click and collect allows consumers to order groceries online, and pick/collect them in-store. The feature is implemented in Growcer to offer a seamless shopping experience to omnichannel consumers.

PWA – Growcer is now a progressive web application (PWA). It delivers a great app-like experience with key benefits like offline app access, push notifications, and more. Growcer is intended to work seamlessly across all platforms.

And more. Growcer, with its extensive list of features, is empowering grocery retailers and entrepreneurs to grow online.

Free 1-year Technical Support

Reliable technical support allows brands to focus on their core business tasks without worrying too much about technical issues. Every plan of Growcer comes with free installation and free 12-months technical support to businesses. We provide multiple support channels such as live chat, voice call, video conferencing, and bizixx (Project Management System by FATbit Technologies). Our expert technical staff deals with any technical concerns, so you don’t have to.


While license-based and subscription-based platforms are prevalent among enterprises, licensed platforms are better suited for the targeted industry as they are more reliable. For instance, Growcer – a platform for online grocery businesses offers specific features and functionality for the targeted industry. There are several benefits of Growcer multi-vendor platform as mentioned below:

Integrations – A business uses several tools such as order management systems, tax tools, shipping platforms, and more for its successful day-to-day operations. Due to limited Saas APIs, it is challenging to integrate all your existing business applications into a subscription-based platform. A licensed platform like Growcer comes pre-integrated with applications essential for an online grocery store. Plus, you can always further integrate new APIs with additional customization.

One-time Cost, Lifetime Ownership – Growcer is a premier multi-vendor grocery platform to launch your business online. Pay a one-time fee to avail complete ownership and lifetime license with no recurring charges (monthly or annually). This makes Growcer a smart and practical investment for retailers and entrepreneurs.

Implementation Time – The implementation time for an eCommerce grocery store is significantly lower with Growcer. The platform is embedded with in-built features and integrations for running an online grocery business successfully. Also, its stock product could be set up within 3-4 working days while more time is required for customizations. This allows businesses to start their grocery store online quickly.

While COVID-19 has caused disruptions to major retail businesses, Growcer has emerged as a winner for global grocery retailers or businesses. With its simplified setup and installation process, the platform could be deployed with minimum hassle. Growcer platform has helped several retailers from various parts of the globe set up, launch, and expand their online grocery business. From America to the UK, there are several success stories of Growcer worldwide.

Start your eCommerce grocery business with Growcer

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